Custom Furniture

From idea to final product. Kongsted works directly with clients to develop a complete product that’s ready to ship.




At Kongsted Living realizes that your needs are unique – that is the reason we tailor our solutions to meet your requirements!


Our services include development of new ideas/concepts, design, prototypes, manufacturing and logistics. We strive to bring value to every aspect of the product lifecycle.


At Kongsted, we work in partnership with our clients to ensure a smooth, cost efficient development cycle. This allows our clients to minimize risk associated with developing new products, and - yet still have the ability to capitalize on new relevant living solutions.

We help select materials, colour and finish.




Build It

We will provide you with a rough sample and refinements with colour and finish options

Perfect It

Construction and production to shipping/packing are all considered in the process. Quality assurance ensures you get excellent results.

Mass Production

We manufacture product at your required scale in a timely and organized fashion.

Quality assurance is in place to maintain a desirable outcome for consistency across the line.

All components are pieced out for cost, efficiency and packing considerations.


Packing / Shipping


Pack It

Neatly packed and tight for less turnover and damage, we case the goods to ensure it arrives in one piece.

Ship It

Coordinating with your location we can ship anywhere in the world

Final Product

We have years of experience in developing products for some of the largest retailers and institutions in North America and Europe.

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